At United East, we collaborate with tech companies to bring together musicians from the ‘east’ to celebrate their similarities through music on one stage.

In the last decade, the internet and technology have connected people from across the globe and removed borders in the virtual world. Yet, in the physical world, we remain divided. We’re divided not only by national borders but also by religion and political ideology. These divisions are often created by demagogues and dictators to control the population. They hope to divide us and rule. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, nationalism, sectarian politics, religious intolerance, and class-based oppression are all means of dividing andmanipulating people. The by-product of these divisions are wars, genocide, and oppression. Yet, most people around the world desire the same things: personal freedom, equality, social and economic well being and justice.

At the same time, given the current wars and conflicts and political turmoil, many artists have been impacted and forced to migrate due to the circumstances in their home countries. Many are financially struggling as they cannot perform for their audiences and fans in their countries of origin.

The division in the human race is most apparent today in the “Eastern World”.

Tech companies have helped people connect globally regardless of gender, race or religion. They have disrupted the status quo and impacted how we live. There is an opportunity to bring tech companies and musicians together to collaborate and help unite us in the physical world as we have done in the virtual world.

United East aims to connect technology companies with accomplished progressive musicians. We will work together to bring artists from conflicting countries together on a single stage. We promote these world-class artists to an international audience and help unite them by exposing their commonalities through art.